AE Concrete is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products & services, for innovative and cost-effective solutions

“making your ideas concrete”

We accomplish this through a culture of operational excellence; focused on continuously improving our safety, people, quality, processes & systems.

While leveraging our vast experience and rich history, the existing Management Team will continue to lead the Surrey business. As such, our valued customers can be confident in our capabilities to support their business requirements well into the future.


This is probably the single most challenging area to manage, but has ultimately provided the greatest rewards. Approximately four years ago the Management Team set out to create a

“culture of caring”,

a philosophy where people “care” about all aspect of the business. This shift in employee attitude positively impacted both moral and employee engagement, leading to dramatic improvements in; safety, quality, customer service, performance and financial success. Moving forward, AE Concrete will continue to focus on our people, and a better customer experience.


The success of the Surrey Business hinges on great customer service. Our objective is to have our customers “want” to call us first! Below are just a few of the areas that we are focused on to improve customer service:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality products
  • Quality service
  • Improved Inventory levels for immediate delivery
  • Make it easy/enjoyable for customers to deal with us

The Surrey Business has been improving its safety performance year-after-year, and recently achieved 5-years with ZERO lost time accidents. This is a major accomplishment in the precast industry, and stems from establishing a safety culture. Despite these successes, AE Concrete is committed to further improving the safe working conditions of our facility.

  • People (do the right things): create a safety culture (or culture of caring), with champions on the plant floor committed to providing safety leadership, and building a work force who care! This will be achieved through safety awareness: posters, video, public speaking, town halls, epiphany/ah-ha moments,
  • Process (provide the right tools): provide/create procedures, practices, systems, training, and equipment. This is ongoing, and will be closely tied to incident investigation, corrective action, HSIP and 5S

The Surrey location is a member of the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC, and a proud signatory of the BC Safety Chapter. As a special note, we will be receiving the 2017 Safety Pinnacle Ruby Award on April 20th


AE Concrete will continue to be one of the premier suppliers of quality precast products, certified to the most stringent quality programs in Canada. Some of our certifications include:

  • COR Certified
  • CPCQA – Canadian Precast Concrete Institute
  • CSA – Canadian Standards Association
  • CWB – Canadian Welding Bureau

Innovation is at the heart of our business, and ultimately benefits the customers two-fold; (a) providing creative solutions to their problems/challenges, along with (b) operational process improvements to provide the most cost-effective products.

A few examples of these initiatives include:

New Product Development

  • Precast Trenches for BC Hydro projects
  • Precast Counterweights for John Deere forestry equipment
  • Grounded bollards with precast foundations (in conjunction with BC Hydro) Operational Improvements
  • Utilize LEAN principles to create a more efficient working environment, removing “waste” from our process, while also improving safety.

✓ Reduce movement (wasted time, wasted cost, and safety)
✓ Removing duplication of new processes/systems.
✓ Reduce movement in-&-out

  • Using KPIs that promote good behavior and drive operational excellence (using both leading and lagging indicators)
  • Utilize 5S as a starting point for housekeeping (Safety) and improving efficiencies
  • Leverage best practices across the company, learning from each other and
  • Standardize stripping devices to minimize adjustments.
  • Current-state time study complete and future-state analysis to start soon
  • Utilize adjustable forms to increase product offerings with lower capital costs.