The underground utility construction industry has come to rely on the proven performance and versatility of precast concrete utility structures. Standard vault designs are readily available, while custom vaults can be designed with the assistance of your local precast concrete manufacturer.

Precast concrete underground utility structures are a perfect example of value-added engineering. Utility equipment and accessory items such as racks, ladders, hatches, frames, covers or climate control units can all be pre installed saving a considerable amount of time and money on your next underground utility project.

AE Concrete offers a complete range of underground utility products; including transformer vaults, handholes and manholes commonly used for electrical and communication applications. Our promise is to not only have the quality and inventory you need but also the ability to customize to fit your project needs. We offer the ability to have in house engineers to produce the product you need not the product we have.

The communication industry is a rapidly changing technology which requires communications service providers to maintain and expand their network components to meet growing demands.Wireless, cable, satellite, broadband, and broadcast companies have come to rely on the proven performance and versatility of precast concrete structures to protect vital infrastructure components. AE Concrete manufactures communications products, including handholes, manholes, vaults, pads, trench, and more.

AE Concrete has an large inventory of forms allowing us to cast most of the common vault and chamber sizes utilized for hydro/tel, fire meter valve, and water meter chambers used in B.C.

AE Concrete has used these forms to provide chambers for use in replacing manholes on storm sewers, detention tanks, packaged water systems and valve chambers for sanitary force mains.

AE Concrete designs and produces a broad selection of standard and custom-engineered precast concrete light pole bases for lamp posts, high-mast light towers, sports lighting poles and other essential lighting structures.  We strive to provide custom solutions to support all our customers’ outdoor illumination needs.

Precast concrete headwalls are an efficient, cost effective method of controlling the inflow and outflow of water in culvert crossings and at storm water line entrances to creeks or settlement ponds.

Designed to Ministry of Highways supplemental design, standard headwalls are utilized by most municipalities and in private construction of subdivisions and commercial properties in B.C.

Current government environmental standards and liability issues have increased the specifications for stormwater systems. AE Concrete believes in helping care for the environment through our rigorous manufacturing process as well as using precast concrete products which are environmentally conscious choices for infrastructure projects. We want to not only meet the bar we want to exceed it.

We are focused on providing you with the best utility building precast products that will help you service, water, electricity and phone lines to residential, commercial and industrial applications.

As with all AE Concrete products we strive to not only meet the APCI standards, but we work towards exceeding them. Through our quality controlled production environment, we have the experience and expertise to ensure rigorous quality control standards. Find out more.