Conversion Pad: 3∅ Kiosk to PMDFT

AE Concrete offers a full range of electrical vaults, chambers, and pads. We offer standard designs and can also modify or build fully custom products to fulfill your project needs. Vaults/chambers come with standard lid options rated for either static or traffic conditions and have been customized to achieve air traffic loading when required.

We also provided precast products for BC Hydro and will be happy to assist you with your Material Requests.

General Notes:

  • Products manufactured in accordance with CSA A23.4
  • Products Certified to CPCQA Groups: B1, C1*, D1 and S
    • *Group C1 for utility vaults, slabs, and retaining walls
  • Site Installation, Backfilling & Suitability for Use is the responsibility of others
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Conversion Pad: 3∅ Kiosk to PMDFT Features

Product manufactured to exceed industry standards.

Industry leading safety standards.

Rigid quality control process.

Over 35 years in precast concrete experience.

Inventory available for quick lead times.

Delivery available where required.

All AE Pads Dimensions (i.d.) Download PDF Download CAD
Single Phase JK Pad 1200 x 700 x 200mm
3 Phase Low Profile Junction Kiosk 1725 x 1250 x 920mm
Transformer Single Phase LPT Pad 1100 x 1300 x 280mm
Three Transformer Pad (5×5) 1680 x 1580 x 200mm
F3-05 Transformer Pad 2140 x 2140 x 200mm
Conversion Pad: Kiosk to PMDFT 3680 x 1860 x 230mm
Conversion Pad: Transformer Floatation Pad 1860 x 1860 x 240mm
Conversion Pad: 555 J-Box to J-Kiosk 1720 x 1720 x 220mm
Conversion Pad: Single Phase Kiosk to LPTS 1250 x 1250 x 270mm
J. LPT Pyramid Pad 1250 x 1010 x 760mm