Miscellaneous and Cast Iron

We are focused on providing you with the best service box products that will help you service, water, electricity and phone lines to residential, commercial and industrial applications. Please reach out to us if you need a quote.

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Drainage Sump w/ Cover 660 x 510 x 765 mm
Drainage Sump w/ Cast Iron Frame & Grate 660 x 510 x 765 mm
Fish Ladder 1400 x 900 x 1250 mm
Concrete Trench w/ B-10 Cast Iron Grate 1220 x 90 x 100 mm
Custom Slot Drain w/ B-14C Grate 7660 x 130 x 450 mm
Slot Drain Grate (B-14C) 915 x 222 x 38 mm
Concrete Trench 5775 x 390 x 400 mm
Concrete Trench 5995 x 750 x1025 mm
Concrete Trench 1010 (Flush Cover) Varies
Concrete Trench 1010 (Super Imposed Cover) Varies
 Lock and Load Retaining Wall System
L & L Standard Panel & Counterfort
 L & L Corner Panel & Cap Stone Varies
L & L Half Wide Panel – Transition Pieces Varies
Cable Markers Large
Cable Marker Small
610 sq x 100 mm
310 sq x 75 mm
Evergreen Pad 610 sq x 102 mm
Heritage Lightweight Foundation Pad 406 sq x 100 mm
2130mm (7 Foot) Curb Stop 2130 x 200 x 152 mm
Riser Ring 915Ø (100, 125, 150 High) Varies
Riser Grade Ring MH 610Ø (50, 100, 150 High)  Varies
C23 / C23A Cast Iron Manhole Frame & Cover
C18 Cast Iron Frame & Cover
MR-6 Valve Box Varies
MR-8 Valve Box
D-14C Cleanout 454Ø x 104 mm
Aluminum Ladder w/ Safety Post
(Ceiling or Wall Mount)
Aluminum Ladder Rung