B937 Description

AE Concrete produces high quality, dry cast service boxes to meet and exceed industry standards. These products are used for a variety of applications including water meters, electrical and communication pull boxes, and many others. We keep a high level of stock on all our service boxes to ensure we have the product ready for your project.

General Notes:

  • Products manufactured in accordance with CSA A23.4
  • Products Certified to CPCQA Groups: B1, C1*, D1 and S
    • *Group C1 for utility vaults, slabs, and retaining walls
  • Site Installation, Backfilling & Suitability for Use is the responsibility of others
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B937 Service Box Features

Product manufactured to exceed industry standards.

Industry leading safety standards.

Rigid quality control process.

Over 35 years in precast concrete experience.

Inventory available for quick lead times.

Delivery available where required.

Product Dimensions (i.d. in mm) Download PDF Download CAD
B937 Service Box Top 305 433x261x305mm
B937 Service Box Ext 152 433x261x152mm
B937 Bottom Maple Ridge 433x261x305mm
B937 Cast Iron & Steel Covers 457x285x44mm
B937 Tamper Proof Lid 433x261x305mm