Pyramid Base

AE Concrete designs and produces a broad selection of standard and custom-engineered precast concrete light pole bases for lamp posts, high-mast light towers, sports lighting poles and other essential lighting structures.  We strive to provide custom solutions to support all our customers’ outdoor illumination needs.

General Notes:

  • Products manufactured in accordance with CSA A23.4
  • Designed for Boulevard (Off-Road) Use – H-20 Static Loading
  • Site Installation, Backfilling & Suitability for Use is the responsibility of others
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Pyramid Base

Product manufactured to exceed industry standards.

Industry leading safety standards.

Rigid quality control process.

Over 35 years in precast concrete experience.

Inventory available for quick lead times.

Delivery available where required.

Product Dimensions (i.d. in mm) Download PDF Download CAD
Pyramid Base 295 x 610 x 1220mm
Pyramid Service Base 410x750x1220mm
Highway Application 1 Pyramid Base 500x770x930mm
Highway Application 3 Pyramid Base 490x840x1250mm
1800 Pyramid Parking Lot Base 350 to 740sqx1800mm
2100 Pyramid Parking Lot Base 350 to 800sqx2100mm