Service Boxes

The underground utility construction industry has come to rely on the proven performance and versatility of precast concrete utility structures. Standard vault designs are readily available, while custom vaults can be designed with the assistance of your local precast concrete manufacturer.

Precast concrete underground utility structures are a perfect example of value-added engineering. Utility equipment and accessory items such as racks, ladders, hatches, frames, covers or climate control units can all be pre installed saving a considerable amount of time and money on your next underground utility project.

As with all AE Concrete products we strive to not only meet the APCI standards, but we work towards exceeding them. Through our quality controlled production environment, we have the experience and expertise to ensure rigorous quality control standards.

Our manufacturing facility also offers our clients the luxury of custom applications. Although there is rarely a case where industry standard sizing is required, there is always an exception to the rule. At AE Concrete, we have the ability to service the the exception. Our clients will run into an issue with production and we have the ability to make things work.

Contact us today to order your precast service boxes for water, hydro or cable options.

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Product Dimensions (i.d.) Download PDF Download CAD
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B937 Top/Extension 305 High 433 x 261 x 305mm
B937 Top/Extension 152 High 433 x 261 x 152mm
B937 Maple Ridge Watermeter Bottom Section 433 x 261 x 305mm
B937 Cast Iron & Steel Covers 457 x 285 x 44mm
B937 Box w/ Tamper Proof Lid Options 433 x 261 x 305mm
T266 Service Box – Complete 718 x 438 x 750mm
T266 Top / Extension 150 High 712 x 432 x 200mm
5686 Service Box – Complete 860 x 560 x 870mm
5686 Watermeter Service Box – Complete 860 x 560 x 870mm
5686 Superimposed Service Box – Complete 860 x 560x870mm
5686 Top / Extension 150 High 860 x 560 x 180mm